Give Yourself A Deadline



One of my main concerns when I decided to freelance was would I be motivated enough to put in a full day’s work. It’s a whole new world when you no longer have someone looking over your shoulder or telling you what to do next.

Lucky for me, I had one great motivator and that was if I didn’t work, bills didn’t get paid. That’s still the best motivator for me, but one other thing I’ve found that can give you a kick up the butt is a deadline.

If you’re writer who works for magazines you know the editor always gives you a deadline to hand over the article. If you get a book contract, you’re also given a deadline when they want the manuscript handed in. Break these and you don’t get paid, contract is void, and you probably lost your chance of working for them again.

For authors getting started on the writing journey, things aren’t so urgent so one thing I’d encourage you to do is set yourself a deadline.

I told you during last week’s Ramblings that I’m struggling to finish my two new non-fiction titles. I keep thinking about new content but I’m not moving forward with either of the projects. I’ve decided to set myself a deadline and I’ve written it on my planner.

First draft finished by May 1st.

Think of it as your boss telling you to hand in the work on this date or else.

I’m more confident that I’ll actually get something achieved now I’ve set a date for completion.

So if you’re at a stalemate with a story or an article then set yourself a deadline. Let me know what happens and if it helped get the job done.

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