Meet Jenika Snow, USA Bestselling Author

Some people have asked me how I managed to write a book a month. I told them I was inspired by two of my fellow Evernight Publishing authors I’m about to introduce you to one of them through this interview. Say hello to Jenika Snow. I never knew how many words Jenika wrote per day until I asked her. Check out this interview, see the number and be impressed…in fact, be very impressed because Jenika’s a USA Today Bestselling  Author and also the mom of three.

I hope you too will be equally inspired….


This Writer’s Life (TWL)-Can you remember the first time you thought about being a writer? Was there anything in particular that prompted it?

Jenika Snow (JS)-I can remember being around ten years old when I wrote my first story. I can’t think of what prompted me writing it. I just liked telling stories even if they weren’t that great 🙂

TWL-What was the hardest thing about getting published?

JS-The rejections stung. It made me feel like my stuff was no good. But I got past that and knew if I really wanted to be published I had to just push my emotions aside, take their constructive criticism, and make my stories better and stronger.



TWL-What’s a typical writing day like for you?

JS-It used to be 5k a day, but since having my third child that’s changed, obviously lol. I’m a pretty easy going writer these days. I start working in the morning and keep at it intermittently throughout the day. Some days I’m more productive than others, but I stopped putting self-imposed deadlines on myself because it stressed me out too much.

TWL-You’re a prolific writer and I’m sure everyone wants to know if you have any tips on becoming a more productive writer.

JS-It took me many years to be able to write full-time, but it was always something I’d hoped to be able to do. The only thing I can say is don’t stop writing, do it every day, even if it’s just a small amount, and remember that nothing happens overnight. Just keep at your craft and deliver the best product you can to your readers.

TWL-You write erotic romances. Is there any particular reason you picked that genre?

JS-I like reading it so wanted to write it lol. I want to know what happens in the bedroom between a couple I’m invested in, not just how they got that part. That’s all part of romance.




TWL-If you could share one writing tip with aspiring writers what would it be?

JS-Don’t give up. Write every day, no matter if it’s a sentence or a page. And those rejections and bad reviews? Everyone gets them. Take them for what they are worth and try and use them to make your writing stronger.

TWL-What book are you most proud of and why?

JS-That’s a hard question and probably not one I could answer. I’ve written countless books and i’m proud of them all.

TWl-What’s next for you…any upcoming books you’re especially excited about?

JS-I always have books in the works 🙂 I currently have a royal romance about a king and a “commoner” he desperately wants. I also have a shifter book—a Little Red Riding Hood retelling—I’m working on.


Check out Jenika’s Web site at


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  1. So much of this reminds me of me! Interesting interview Jenika. You have been a favorite author of mine for a long time ago and is part of the reason I began writing MC romances. Thanks for the inspiration!

    Tory Richards

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