Summer Writing ‘Retreat’



After sitting outside reading for most of Sunday afternoon, I came up with an idea for summer.

Many people have an idea for a story, lots of people say they’re going to write a book, and yes, even published writers like myself, have unfinished manuscripts sitting on their computer(or gathering dust on a shelf).

The whole holiday weekend and summer’s unofficial kick off prompted me to think about using this time to get my butt into gear and use longer days to get some books finished. I’m going to use from June 1st to September 1st.  to finally get my mystery completed. But, wait, I thought, how about getting the whole This Writer’s Life community on board for the ride too. We’ll treat it like our summer writing retreat.  I hope you’ll join in and get your own book started or like me, get it finished.

Every week I’ll be posting some hints and tips on writing and keeping going when the going gets tough. I’ll be sharing my progress with you and I hope you’ll share yours too. If you do then there will be some book giveaways waiting for you and at the end of the retreat someone will win a free critique of their first three chapters or first fifty pages of their novel from me.

So beginning on Friday (I’ll remind you again during this week’s Ramblings), post a comment and tell us what you hope to achieve during the retreat and what you’ll be working on, fiction, non-fiction, set of short stories, maybe….

Share this with any of your writer friends and let’s make this a summer to remember where your book finally gets written and maybe that next bestseller is born.

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