Monday Motivation-Vision Boards



Once upon a time I was a girl who wanted nothing more than to be a published author.

The rejections letter kept on coming so I worked harder but still I didn’t realize my dream.

I think sheer determination, and maybe even some arrogance, got finally got me there but I had one other thing I know helped

I visualized myself sitting down and writing every day. Getting up, going to my desk and writing because this was the new way I made a living. I also ‘saw’ my books sitting on the shelves in libraries and bookstores. I even thought about sitting autographing them for readers.

Call it crazy, but I’ve read lots of studies that say if you can visualize something it’s almost like tricking your brain into making it seem like it’s real. Some people call it the law of attraction. Doesn’t matter what title you put on it, just give it a try.

Even make yourself a vision board that you can look at every day. Cut out photos and stick them on there. Try printing out the two I’ve included here as a start.


Anyone tried using vision boards? If so, I’d love to hear the results.


Monday Motivation

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