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I’ve been sorting through some of my old files and I came across this short article I wrote for, well, I can’t remember because it’s been that long. Best thing is it’s still relevant and fits in with the summer writing challenge so here it is…

Raise your hand if you’ve begun writing a book.

Now keep it raised if you think you’ll actually finish it.

Lots of people sit at a computer or with pen in hand, with every good intention of writing a novel, but sometimes get lost along the way.

So what is it separates the I once tried to write a novel but gave up versus I’ve just finished writing a book?

Here’s what I think can help you keep on writing-

Write every day because if you take a day or two off you lose momentum.

Write something every day. Even if you can’t meet your daily quota, at least write something.

Don’t edit as you go along…it’s tempting but there will be plenty of time for that on your second draft.

Finish the day in the middle of a sentence or a vital scene because it’s a great springboard for the following day.

If you get stuck with one scene in your story and not sure where it’s going, skip ahead to a scene you know more about. You can always go back later and fill in the gaps when you know more about your story and characters.

Work on more than one story at time. If one’s not working for you, switch to something else…but don’t abandoned the first one. Use this second one to meet your daily quota and your rule to write every day.


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