Friday Ramblings From An Author-Always Proofread

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This week I know what the person who first coined the term TGIF was thinking. This one’s even Friday the 13th.

It seems like it’s a busy week and I’ve lost count on how many words I’ve written or read. Ever been so word fatiqued that you’re not sure if you’re spelling simple words like the and was correctly?  Just an hour ago, I was e-mailing someone and was about to hit the send button when I realized  there were typos in almost every sentence.  Not the end of the world because I know the intended recipient well, but nevertheless, we’re writers and our motto should be always proofread especially when you’re in a TGIF state of mind.

I got two more classes uploaded to Skillshare. First one is about narration. Here’s the link-

Second one is about writing an article once you’ve received your assignment and here’s that link-

The rest of the week focused on upcoming projects and classes. I looked at software which should enable me to offer more bonuses for my private students and even as prizes for students in my workshop.

And if you’re checking on my mystery writing progress, it’s going great. I’ll be working on a few more chapters over the weekend. Also, on the agenda for the weekend, summer reading and a movie or two.

How about you?

Have a fun week and happy writing to all.


Friday Ramblings

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