Hi Susan-What Should You Do When You Don’t Feel Like Writing?



Time for another Hi Susan post. This week’s question comes from Chloe who asked about my suggestions for those days when you know you should be working on your story but can’t find the motivation.

First tip is never push yourself. It’s okay to take a day or two off but don’t let not writing become a habit because pretty soon your new habit is not writing.

We all get days when we can’t face the story we’re working on. During those times just switch to another story you’re working on…maybe even start a new one. Another thing I like to do is free write as I call it. Write about something that catches your attention. as you look outside or even in the room where you’re sitting.

I’ve often gone on walks and seen something that makes me think wouldn’t that make a great story? Okay, my imagination has gotten the better of me when someone’s moving out of a house and it makes me think what if they have a body in the rolled up rug they’ve put into the waiting van?

Sometimes I get a story spark from something I see in a magazine or newspaper and I’ll write a couple of paragraphs about it just to flex the muse muscle.

One other thing I’ve been doing is writing dialogue only pieces using the first names of people I see when the credits roll after I’ve watched a movie.

Even listen to the radio, listen in on conversations in the line at the post office or at the coffee shop, set a timer for 15 minutes and make up a story about what you heard.

All these have worked for me and many times they’ve become the basis for a new story too.

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