Are You Ready for Promptober?

Welcome October and I told you they’d be something different on the site each month.  Prompts are the theme for this month.

I got this idea because I’m learning to sketch and someone told me about a yearly event called Inktober . It’s sort of an artist’s version of NaNoWriMo and I thought why don’t we writers do something similar. And what a great way to train for next month’s 30 day challenge. Think of it as being a writer in training for the marathon.

So Promptober starts today, and every day in October I’ll be posting a writing prompt for you. It might be a photo, word, or even part of a snippet of dialogue. You could come up with some flash fiction, a short story, novella or even an opening chapter for a novel….or if you’re a non-fiction writer, even the topic for an article.

Whatever you do, I hope this is going to be fun for everyone. If I remember, I’ll even put something on Twitter @thiswriterslife to remind you of the daily prompts and the hashtag will be #promptober if you want to share it or let others know you’re taking part.

And if you also want to sketch too, check out this link to Inktober


Let’s kick things off with the theme of today’s prompt and it’s an object



promptober Wednesday Writing Prompts

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