Hi Susan-Will I Ever Be a Better Writer?


It’s time for another Hi Susan post. This question was e-mailed to me by Jenny-

I keep getting rejection after rejection and I’m getting to the point where I want to give up. Will I ever write a story that’s good enough to be published?

Been there, had that happen, and also had thoughts of giving up.

First of all, rejections aren’t always because of your writing ability.

I know that sounds strange but as I always say,writing is a creative pursuit to us authors, but to publishers (editors) and agents too, it’s a business. It could mean that they have one too many stories similar to yours, the market for your genre is cooling off, or it could even be you missed getting a contract by just a tad.

When I started out I got standard rejection letters...sorry but this isn’t right for us. Years later I still got them but the editor would handwrite a note on the bottom telling me why she’d rejected it. Not enough emotion etc. Then I progressed to personal rejection letters, I loved this story but I don’t see it fitting into my current line up but I encourage you to keep sending out.

I felt the progression of these rejections was proof that I was getting to be a better writer, that I’d come close and if I gave up, I’d be throwing away a lot of years of hard work.

You get better with each story you write, each day you write…yes, even when you’re published and been doing it for years. I always say writing is like being an athlete in training. You wouldn’t expect to win the 100 meter dash without working toward it. Same goes for writing. A few might get lucky the first time around but ask any published author and they’ll tell you it took lots of attempts before they found success.

I can honesty say if you stick with it,  be prepared an willing to learn the craft of writing…and the best way to do that is to write, then the day when you get an e-mail or a phone call telling you someone wants to offer you a contract to publish your story, is just around the corner.

So to Jenny and everyone out there, yes, you will be a better writer and please don’t give up.

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