Friday Ramblings From An Author-Too Many Ideas?



It’s snowing, it’s cold, and I’m already missing summer. I often write about bears, well actually bear shifters, and I think they must be the smartest animals because they choose to sleep through winter.

Thank you to this week’s guest blogger, Beth…she’ll be back with us again in January.

How is everyone doing with NaNoWriMo? Sometimes after the initial burst of energy during the first week, things can drop off, but hang in there. Remember if you miss a day there’s always tomorrow.

I published another class at Skillshare this week. It’s the 11th class in my Novel Writing Blueprint series. This one focuses on writing a synopsis, blurb and tagline. Here’s a link if you’d like to check it out and give Skillshare a test drive too.

This week I’ve been brainstorming. Coming up with (probably one too many), ideas for what I’ll focus on next year. One thing I’ve considering is posting every day to this site which would mean adding two more posts per week. I’d like to add something like a Saturday seminar with writing tips and exercises. Would anyone be interested in that? Maybe I’ll start with one Saturday each month and see how things go. Either way I’d love your feedback. Anything you’d like to see on the site in 2019?

The cold snap has me thinking about curling up with a good book. I’ve already found some interesting mysteries that I’ve uploaded to my iPad. Hopefully, I’ll get to one this weekend. I’ll tell you more about my winter reading list in an upcoming Ramblings.

Have a fun week and happy writing to all.



Friday Ramblings

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