Life Events Can Make You Write



It’s the second week in a row that I’ve had a guest blogger no show.  I like to have something posted on the site for you every week day so it’s meant I’ve had to fill in on a moment’s notice.

For some writers that sets off a  panic attack. Years ago that would have been me. However, calm Susan, thought what nuggets of wisdom should I share with my fellow writers? I could write about how to keep your cool and brainstorm ideas when you have to write on the spur of the moment. Then I thought, a better topic is how  events can make you write…and no, I’m not talking about no show bloggers.

Many of you know my story about my writing drought after my father passed away. What many of you don’t know is other some other life events actually made me get more focused on becoming a published author. In fact, it was my uncle’s passing, my mom’s cancer diagnosis, and my mentor’s death that kicked me up the butt.

Not that I wasn’t writing at this time, but I’d sort of settled into accepting the fact that I might never be published. That was until I got a phone call telling me that my uncle (Dad’s baby brother and also my godfather), had a massive brain tumor and wasn’t expected to live more than six weeks. My mom was also going through cancer treatment, and my mentor and friend from my days of working in public relations, had just passed away.

The three closely related events showed me how short our lives really are, how we can be gone or fall sick on a moment’s notice. I didn’t want to one day be at the point in my life where I’d think, I should have been more serious about my writing…if only.

I started to get focused about getting published and believe this or not, six months later, I was offered my first book contract. I know it’s strange to say but I sensed the universe had sent me a message. Do it now or regret it forever. I’ve always felt I’ve honored these three people’s lives by living my dream. I know all three of them would agree.

Life’s always going to get in the way of our plans and goals. You can approach bad things happening to you in two ways. Freeze and do nothing like I did for ten years after my father’s passing. Or take life by the scruff of the neck, and say, okay, I get it, I need to live my dream before it’s too late.

The choice is up to you.


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  1. A poignant, if painful, reminder. My own story of loss took place back in high school, so back then it was more of a push to “finish well! stop slacking! get into college!” but the drive behind that was similar, so I understand your meaning better than I’d like. It’s a painful lesson, but sometimes the most important one any of us can learn.

    Thank you for sharing and for the advice. 🙂

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