Friday Ramblings From An Author-Three Online Schools and One Relaunched Blog


Sometimes it’s Friday before I know it. Anyone else feel that way too?

Thank you to everyone who signed up to be a Thursday guest blogger. I’ll be posting another sign up for June, July and August posts, sometime during May.

It’s great to see that TWL is growing every week. I really appreciate you  of all for spreading the word. I want to make this one big writing community that’s supportive of all writers, not matter your genre, or whether you write fiction or non-fiction. All are welcome here.

With growth, comes more e-mails so if you’ve contacted me and I haven’t gotten back to you yet…I’m working on it. The Hi Susan letters are also piling up but I’ll get to them!

I’m also getting some e-mails from companies wanting me to test drive products and review them here. I will be posting one tomorrow but I’d like to know what you guys think about me reviewing writing related products. Something you’d like to see more of or is there a product you’d like to see me check out?

Many of you know, I was a freelance writer for many years before the teaching and tutoring gigs took over. I freelanced for two local newspapers and had my own column which was called Budget Savvy. It was around that time I was also had two online columns. Anyone noticing a theme here? I then launched my own site/blog which some of you might already know about, The Budget Smart Girl’s Guide to the Universe which later became Budget Smart Girl. I sort of let things slide for awhile because I was focusing on my books but recently decided to give it a refocus which is now keyed toward running your own business and making money. I relaunched it yesterday along with a new school on Zenler…well, actually two new schools on Zenler.  The second one is aimed at self improvement. I thought I’d include links to all my online schools here because I’ve added a couple of new writing classes including a self pubbing mega course, and also have affiliate programs that you might be interested in. If you refer someone and they sign up for any of the classes you get a 20% affiliate fee.

Here are the links if you’re interested-


I’m now ready to finish out the week working on the new workbook for next month’s Plotting Your Novel Boot Camp. I’ll be adding a modified version of all the workbooks on Etsy and I’ll let you know when they go on sale there. I know a few of you have already picked up copies of the Write a Novel in 30 Days Planner there, so a huge thank you!


Have a great week and happy writing to all.





Friday Ramblings

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