Friday Ramblings From An Author-Hello Spring



It’s spring! I’m more excited about writing that than ever before. The snow is melting and I hope winter is history. I’ve been eager to get outside and just sit and enjoy the sun. I thought I’d do it this afternoon but when I looked outside, ten deer had made themselves very comfortable in the backyard and at the edge of the woods. I hated to disturb them and I knew if I opened the door they’d flee in every direction so I waited and waited until they left but they didn’t. In the end, I crept outside with a chair in hand and sat. A few remained but about 15 minutes later they all decided to move on. Next time I’ll try and get a photo to share with you.

As well as being spring, it’s almost the end of March. I always say months fly by but this one has gone by in a flash. I get five ‘teach free’ days during the first week of April which I hope to put to good use by finishing up other projects. And if you’re thinking about taking a writing class. Here’s a link to my next two.

Self publishing…regular class on the boot camp style. And Great Beginnings, how to hook a reader in the first chapter…or even three.

I get rights back to another title in the next few days so hopefully I’ll be re-releasing it early next week. I get rights back to a book a month all the way until April 2021 so I know I’ll be busy for the foreseeable future.

Still working on the journals, and in non-writing work, I’ll be opening two Etsy jewelry stores next month. I’ll have my upcycled handmade jewelry in one store and a vintage jewelry store too. Once they’re up and running I’ll share the links with you. It’s been my weekend project and a nice break from writing…I also like that it’s yet another creative pursuit.

Well, that’s about it as another work week comes to an end. Before I close the post, I’d like to thank Debby for sharing her inspiring story with us this week.

Enjoy the first weekend of spring,(or fall), have a good week, and happy writing to all.


Friday Ramblings

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