Friday Ramblings From An Author-Goodbye March, Where Did You Go?



It seems like just last week I was saying goodbye February. Do you often find when you’re busy time seems to go at supersonic speed?

Tomorrow is officially the last day of the March classes and then I have a whole week free of teaching. During that time, I hope to get caught up with some of the writing journals I’ve been working on. Lots of you have been asking about them and as soon as they’re done, I’ll let you know.

Speaking of classes. Two new ones begin April 8th. We only have a few people in the Great Beginnings class. I hate to see a class get canceled so if you know anyone who wants to write or rewrite the first part of their story, this would be the perfect class. And of course, I’d love to see even more people in the self publishing class too. All the details are on the class schedule page on this site.

I had a wonderful group of students this month…I shouldn’t say that because all my students are wonderful and inspire me. They worked their butts off and I know I threw a lot at them. I’m sure they’re happy class is done. I have two students who are going to be pitching their stories to editors and agents very soon. I think I get just as nervous as they do. I also have another student who I’ve been coaching and mentoring since last fall and she’s almost ready to make her debut. She’s decided to go the self publishing route and I have a feeling she’s going to be successful. And no, I’m not just saying that because she’s one of my students. She’s dedicated, doesn’t give up, and believes in her dream.

This week, I managed to squeeze in getting a back title re-released and my long awaited fiction (a short one) book that I’ve been working on for what seems like forever, finally published. They were the last things in my to do folder for March. Let’s see if I can keep up the good work in April. Anyone else trying the to do folder technique?

Before I forget, thank you to Dawn at Vinspire for taking the time to answer my questions. And to Barbara, our Thursday guest blogger.

So what do you think about the interviews with publisher and news about what they’re looking for? It was something I always enjoyed when I was looking for new markets to approach. You like them too? Let me know and if there’s any particular publisher you’d like to see featured. I can’t always promise they’ll agree to an interview but I’ll do my best.

Okay, that’s it from me this week.

Have a fun week and happy writing to all.

Friday Ramblings

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