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Just when you think winter’s history, it comes roaring back. More major snowstorms this week, and yes, it’s snowing as I write this. Okay, winter let’s be done with you so this writer can head outside.

I always say there’s a silver lining in everything that happens. I didn’t want to venture out this week which meant I got work done. I’m ahead of schedule this month. I got my cover made for my next re-release, reformatted and edited it, and it’s ready to go on the 22nd.

I also got more pages worked on for my journals. I have lots of people asking about them so I’m hoping they’re going to be a huge hit with everyone. If they are, it’s going to be one of those times where I say, why didn’t I think of that sooner?

After chatting to a fellow creative the other day, we got onto the topic of writing prompts. I told her I wanted to create something like a membership that people could buy and get writing prompts each month for a set price. She came up with the perfect solution, Patreon. It’s where she offers her art tutorials. I’d heard of it but never given it a try until now. I’ve created a page called Write Place and have a membership of $7 per month where you get writing prompts, words to spark the muse, days of interest for the month, and a whole bunch of ideas for journaling. Not sure how everything works right now (like getting the prompts to you), so if you sign up to be a patron, bear with me.  I’ll also be adding more tiers where you can get access to the new journals when they’re ready. She also told me about possibly creating a membership vault where I could put all my classes and give patrons access to them. Like I said, bear with me while I get all this sorted out but if you want to check out my page there here’s the link-

Sometimes I’m so glad I get into conversations with fellow creatives.

Anyone else on Patreon that could give me some tips and advice?

I’ve been reading some great books lately. One was a private eye story and another memorable one was the first in a series that’s…well, I guess you’d call it a cozy mystery with paranormal elements. I also have some non-fiction titles I want to start reading.

Have you read anything wonderful you’d like to recommend?

Have a good week and happy writing to all.


Friday Ramblings

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