Friday Ramblings From An Author-Long Term Goals

The last Ramblings of the month…yes, April flew by which got me thinking about my goals. Not just goals for the rest of the year but long term ones. Getting some mysteries finished and published and maybe even starting a cozy series is on my list.

It will soon be May and on the 6th, a new boot camp begins. It’s the self publishing one so if you’re thinking about going the self pubbing route…lots of people are these days, or just want to see if self publishing is for you, I hope you’ll join us. Details are on the class schedule page. You don’t have to be a romance writer because it’s for all authors, even non-fiction ones too. There are plenty of handouts to help you on your self pubbing venture and there’s even a prize drawing at the end.

On the topic of self published books. I re-released the final book in my Big Sky Cowboys trilogy. Here’s a look at the cover. I’m now thinking of combining all three stories into one book and publishing a print version too.



Next month, I get rights back to the first book in my Kalispell Shifter series. Oh, how I loved writing each of those stories. I’m currently planning the book cover and having lots of fun with that.

We’re almost at 700 followers to TWL. Welcome everyone that decided to follow along this week. Glad you’re here. My goal is to get to 1,000 by the end of the year. I think we can do it…I think we can do even better than that so spread the word.

Before I forget, thank you to Jeanne for her wonderful guest post yesterday.

This weekend, rain and snow are forecast (is that stuff ever going to quit?), so I’m going to focus on some artwork. I have four canvases ready. One of these days, I’ll be brave enough to share some paintings and sketches with you.

Have a fun week and happy writing to all.



Friday Ramblings

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