Friday Ramblings From An Author-Where Is Every Body?

There’s one good thing about working for yourself and that’s you can switch chores when you need to. Rain is forecast tomorrow so I took two hours off work this afternoon to go pull weeds from the garden beds. How come those things bloom faster than flowers?

Something I learned when I decided to freelance was if you take time off…and yes, in the early days, the temptation is there, you have to make up for it later in the day. That often means you need to give up watching TV or heading out with friends.

I got another back title republished this week. One of my favorites, The Bear’s Mate.  Here’s the cover that I made. I’m thinking of keeping all the series titles black and white so it gives them a uniform look…what do you think?

The Bear's Mate


Speaking of books, I’m gradually making my way through all the titles I have on my Kindle. I’ll be picking ten that are going to become my summer reads and I’ll let you know which ones I select in a future Friday Ramblings.

How about you, what do you plan to read this summer?

I think I’ve come full circle with my reading because when I was growing up I used to spend summers reading Agatha Christie, especially the Miss Marple ones. Now I’m back to reading cozy mysteries again. There’s just something about an amateur sleuth that’s fun. One of these days I’m going to try and write my own. In fact, it’s on my retirement to do list!

That’s about it for another week in the world of writing. Until Monday, have a fun weekend and happy writing to all.


Friday Ramblings

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