Friday Ramblings From An Author-Coyote, Deer, and A Duck



My backyard is a constant source of animal sightings. This morning while enjoying my morning cup of tea, I spotted a coyote, lunch time it was two deer, and mid-afternoon a duck. Maybe I should start including them in my stories.

How about you? Seen anything that’s later become a story or part of a story?

It’s a holiday weekend and hard to believe that May is slowing winding down. Two new classes will begin on June 3rd.  How to Write Erotic Romances and Erotica (the only time I’m teaching it this year). Second class is How to Get Contest and Conference Ready. If you’re thinking about entering a contest or heading out of a writing conference where you’ll have an opportunity to pitch your story to editors or agents, then this is for you. It’s the first time I’m offering it and it takes you through the process of perfecting your manuscript, especially the first chapters, and writing a synopsis and pitch letter.

Here’s the link to sign up if you or someone you know is interested (scroll down to June)

Online Workshops

I’m working on the short story workbooks that will be part of the new short story boot camp which is coming up in August. And news of the week, my book, Novel Writing Blueprint is going to be translated into Spanish!

Thanks to Mageela for being this week’s guest blogger. All the sign up spots are now filled so if you missed out this time around, I’ll be posting another sign up opportunity in early August.

As it’s a holiday weekend and I’m going to take a break on Monday, no Monday Motivation next week.

I’m going to plan my list for summer reading and will share that with you soon.

If it’s a holiday weekend where you’re at, have a fun and safe one. and to everyone, happy writing and have a fun week.

Until Tuesday….


Friday Ramblings

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