A Little of This and A Little of That



For this post, it’s going to be odds and ends of  info and what I’m planning for TWL in the coming months.

First up, have you ever thought about entering a contest? The first money I ever earned as an author was via a contest.

I found these links to some writing contests that you might find useful. Some you have to pay an entry fee so make sure you feel it’s worth both your time and money and what, if any, added bonus you get for that fee-





Next thing…It’s almost June and I thought we’d try something different for the Wednesday Writing Prompts. I know lots of you have an interest in journal writing whether it be for your own ramblings or something that might turn into a story. So, during June, July and August, Wednesdays at TWL will be devoted to prompts for journaling.

Looking ahead to fall…I’ve been decluttering my office and was looking through my writing books and thought about sharing with you what’s on my bookshelf and a short review of each writing book…some I’ve owned for a long, long time.

Also for fall…not writing related although they do make perfect writing buddies, I’d like to start doing something for the animal rescue community. I’m thinking every Saturday I’ll feature a couple of dogs or cats…or other fur babies, that are looking for their forever homes.

So, what do you think, you like the new ideas? Anything you’d like to see?


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