Goal Setting-Be Specific


We’re just about at the half way point of 2019. A great time to look back at the first six months and ahead to the final half of the year.

What goals did you set for 2019? Have you achieved any or all of them?

Here are five tips for making sure each one is given the best chance of being achieved.


I always say anything that’s truly in your own heart stands a good chance of getting done. Too many times we get influenced by other people and we try and achieve things they’d want for us. Parents are a fine example of this. The music lessons that the son or daughter hates. Or trying to be the football player just because that’s what Dad wanted to be when he was growing up.

Ask yourself why do you really want to achieve this goal? Is it your dream or someone else’s? Be honest.


I want to write a book or I want to get published is a great starting point but you need to be more specific in what you want. Remember some of the twist in the tale stories where people were granted three wishes but didn’t get exactly what they hoped for? Were they tricked by the person granting the wishes? In most cases they weren’t. Their wishes were vast and open to all sorts of interpretation that it’s no wonder things didn’t turn out as planned.

Which leans me to another one…

Break It Down

I want to write a book becomes-

I will research what type of book I’d like to write.

I will write my first chapter by such and such

I will have half the book completed by such and such

My first draft will be completed on such and such


Your results. What’s working, what’s not and what do you need to do to fix things.


Goals are sometimes tough to achieve so you have to reward yourself. In fact, reward yourself on each break it down step you’ve achieved. Treat yourself to something nice to eat, fun to watch, whatever, but just make sure it’s not all work and no play.


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