Friday Ramblings From An Author-National Book Lover’s Day



I just found out it’s National Book Lover’s Day. I have my late father to thank for getting me hooked on books, reading, and I suppose that lead to my need to write. He used to take me to the library every Saturday morning, rain or shine. Back in those days, yes, we’re going back some years now, they had actual library cards. Each person was allowed three but for some reason, my dad managed to convince them he needed six because that’s how many books he’d read each week. Some he’d read on his commute by train and others reading when he got home or at weekends. While he headed into the main library, I’d make my way to the children’s section and make my selections for the week. I’m not sure if you can ever become a writer without first being an avid reader and having an appreciation for words so I have to say my dad has a lot to do with how I eventually ended up making my living.

Do you have any favorite memories of books and reading while you were growing up?

The August boot camp kicked off this week. I also decided to make one change to the rest of the year’s line up. We’ve switched out creating great characters to writing an erotic romance. That will be the last of the classes for 2019. Next year is a full one with the debut of the summer writing retreat…already planning lessons for that event.

I’ll keep this Ramblings short as you’ve guessed it, it’s a perfect day to take some work outside.

Have a good week and happy writing to all.

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