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No guest blogger this week, instead it’s me. I thought I’d use this space to post an assortment of things.

Lots of people ask me about publishing trends. If you know me well, you already know I say not to focus too much on them because they come and go. However, if you’re self publishing, the time between writing and publishing is a lot shorter so you might just find a way to squeeze into a hot genre before it dies.

Here’s what I’m seeing in the publishing world.

Print book sales look like they’re down from 2018 but some publishers are reporting an upswing. That could be because of the types of books they’re publishing or maybe they have a great marketing team.

Across all publishers, I’m hearing the big sales are going to children’s and young adult novels so if that’s your genre, go for it.

And in all genres, I’m seeing a huge market gain for audio books. Makes sense because our lives are busy, maybe like me, your eyes get tired from reading material all day, but you want your book fix, and audio is a way around that. I’ll post more about audio books soon so stay turned.

Next topic-food. We writer’s have to eat, some of you, like me, also love to cook but when you’re on deadline or just want to write and write and write, (think NaNoWriMo), you want to take shortcuts. While the company I’m about to tell you about won’t do the cooking for you, it’s a great way to have lower cost foods delivered straight to your door. The company is Imperfect Foods


They offer cheaper prices to you because they sell items (eggs, produce, coffee, chips), that for one reason or another (change in packaging, overstock, misshapen carrots), stores won’t accept. I’m a huge fan of organic produce and this is one way to shave off the higher cost. You can pick and choose the size of food box, organic or conventional, add or take out what doesn’t work for your taste,  control frequency of delivery, and yes, the box is placed right on the doorstep. They’re not in all areas of the country yet so you’ll have to check by typing in your zip code. If they are, here’s a code you can use to save $10 off your purchase…full disclaimer, I’ll get $10 credited to my account.


The writing school where I tutor is offering a discount subscription deal. It’s a great magazine and was something I looked forward to reading every month when I was an aspiring writing. It’s full of writing articles and market news. Best news is you can have it delivered no matter where in the world you live!


5 issues for £5 followed by a £10.99 Direct Debit (save £16.25 on the first 5 issues, plus save on every issue with your direct debit)

UK Debit or Credit Card at just £40.50 for the first year (10% OFF)

European subscription on Debit or Credit Card at just £49.50 for the first year (10% OFF)

Rest of the world subscription on Debit or Credit Card at just £54 for the first year (10% OFF)

Call – 01778 392482

Visit – https://writ.rs/subs

Use code WM/TUTOR/SUSANP to let them know I sent you.

And finally…

Written a scary flash fiction story?

Lulu, the publishing platform, is holding a contest and the deadline is October 20th so get those Halloween tales ready.

Here’s the link with all the details-




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