Let’s Get Those Goals Written

Why do I think it’s important to set some goals before you start to write?

Saying you’re going to write a book sounds daunting. And yes, it is. Lots of people say they’re going to do it but few actually get the job done.

It has nothing to do with talent or writing ability.

Bottom line is it’s overwhelming and the more focused your goal, the more likely you are to get started and stay motivated…more about motivation coming up later this week.

Let’s use the example of NaNoWriMo. Say you want to write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days.

Break it down so it’s not so daunting.

1,666 words per day.

That sounds more doable straight away.

You can even break this down even more by dividing the word count into a morning and afternoon session.

One other tip I have when it comes to setting goals is to give yourself a deadline and then break it down even more.

I want to write a 70,000 word novel by January 1st.

I will have the first 20,000 words written by November 1st or I will have the first draft written by December 1st.

Check in with your goals every week.

Are you falling behind?

Do you know why?

Is there anything you can do to change things?

Goals and goal setting is an evolving process so don’t be afraid to switch things up if the first plan isn’t working.

Here’s an example of the writing planner sheet I use every month to help me figure out what I want and need to do. I’d love to hear what works for you and if you have any tips you can share with your fellow writers.

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