Motivation-It’s What Separates The Unpublished and Published


A few months ago, I had one of those a-ah moments. I’ve been teaching and tutoring for over a decade but I suddenly figured out why some students succeed while others don’t.

I can teach people all I know about writing but that won’t be helpful if they’re lacking one thing.

No, it’s not talent or writing ability. It’s all down to one thing-motivation.

The next bestselling author could be out there somewhere. However, without the motivation to sit and write, finish the book, keep on sending the story out even when rejections are hitting your mailbox, no one’s ever going to read their beautiful prose.

I’m in the middle of planning a class on motivation but until then here are a few tips I’ve pulled from my notes that I thought I’d share with you.

Don’t chase secondhand dreams

What do I mean by secondhand dreams? Ones that you pursue that come from your head and not your heart. Maybe you’ve had a parent who wanted to do something but didn’t and you’ve taken up their dream. This has to be your dream and yours alone.

Which leads me to…

Know your why

Write down why you want to be a writer or even just why you want to write a book. Be honest. This is for your eyes only so don’t cheat yourself.

Share Your Dream

There’s nothing like letting the world know you have a dream to put enough pressure on yourself to make it happen. Back in my school days, out of the blue, I announced to the class that I was going to attend university in the USA. Me, the shy girl who’d never spent a night away from home on her own just said she was going halfway around the world.  I know everyone was thinking, yeah right, like that’s going to happen. The fact I’d made it public, made me study harder to pass the exams to get accepted, and find the courage (just a few months after my 17th birthday) to get on a plane to start a new adventure.

Let someone know your dream, insist that they check in with you often to see if that dream’s one step closer to reality.

Feel free to share your tips on how you stay motivated.

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