Free Class and Previewing the Writing Retreat



I’ve been working on the lessons (and gift) for the upcoming free class I’ll be teaching so thought I’d post something about it here along with more details about the retreat I’m offering next summer (and just in case you don’t take the class).

Both the free mini-retreat and summer retreat are exclusive to the Outreach International Chapter of Romance Writer’s of America. And no, they’re not just for romance writers and you don’t have to be a member to take either retreats. Although you will get a discount for the summer retreat if you are.

There will be three sessions. You can pick and choose how many you enroll in. I think they’re will be a discount if you do sign up for all three. Each session will contain classes on various elements of novel writing. So, if you were to take all three, you’d be guided through everything from setting writing goals, writing your novel, to putting together a synopsis and cover letter. I’m hoping that some people will write their novel over this three month period and have it ready to submit or self publish by the end.

I’ll be offering two lessons each week and at the end of the session will have a question and answer time. There will be prize drawings and everyone gets a workbook. At the end of the final session, a grand prize winner who will get a month’s coaching and mentoring with me during the fall of 2020. I can’t say for certain yet, but I think we might be offering one free scholarship for each session.

I’m excited about putting this together because many times I’ve wanted to attend writing retreats but didn’t always have the time or money. This way we can offer this to anyone, anywhere in the world.

Here’s the actual break down of what’s in store and when

Section One June 1-26th

Setting goals, getting motivated, setting a writing schedule

Picking the right genre for you and generating ideas

Outlining and plotting your story

Building conflict in your story

Working on creating characters that are perfect for your plot

Section Two-July 6-31st

Learning how to write realistic and dazzling dialogue

All about Point of View, what it is, what it isn’t

Deep POV

How to make your story an emotional read

Narration and Pacing

Section Three-August 3-28th

Fine tuning your manuscript, learn how to up the emotion and conflict and bring your story to its conclusion

Self-editing and working on a second draft

Common causes for rejection

Writing a synopsis and pitch letter-putting together the perfect submission package

Writing groups, dealing with rejections and living the writing life

As soon as we get pricing and the site is ready to accept sign ups, I’ll let you know but for now you can sign up for the free class by clicking on this link (scroll down until you hit December).


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