Friday Ramblings From An Author-Things To Be Grateful For


Wow, another tough week for the world. Hope all of you are well. So many changes and so many people’s lives turned upside down. I often think about things I’m grateful for and this week it was that I teach, tutor, and coach online. I didn’t have to cancel anything and I was able to continue to connect with all my students.

I know it’s hard to be online and see what’s happening so this weekend make sure you watch something fun. On YouTube I saw some parodies about people buying so much toilet paper. (I’m glad to see we’re keeping our sense of humor).

Lots of companies are offering free things to keep everyone entertained and I thought I’d share with you two that are author and book related.

First one is Publisher’s Weekly is offering free access to their digital archive. If you want to catch up on the world of books, authors and publishing, don’t miss out on this opportunity.

Second one is Smashwords. Authors are offering their books at either discount or for free…I have lots of mine on sale and five are free.

I think I’ll be checking out some new to me authors-

And of course, if you’re a Prime Amazon member, you can read books and magazines for free too.

I was hoping to put a free writing class together to offer but ran out of time this week but hopefully I’ll get something together on Monday or Tuesday.

That’s about it for the week…thank you Pia for being this week’s guest blogger.

Have a safe week and let’s all hang in there. Happy writing to all.

Friday Ramblings

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