Friday Ramblings From An Author-Let’s Stay Upbeat



key-3087900_640Hope everyone is safe and well. I’m trying to stay as upbeat as I can. Mid-week, I had to walk away from my laptop because it was too upsetting to read one more story about everything that’s happening in our world. I’m sure you felt that way too. This weekend, let’s all step away from news and social media and do something fun.

Lots of companies are offering free things like cooking classes…I’ve signed up for a baking class! Nikon is offering their photography courses for free…should sign up for one of those too. And I just saw that HBO is offering free movies (and shows).

If you’re interested in self publishing, my class on the topic begins on Monday…no need to be online at any particular time, the lessons are posted to the group, read them whenever you want, do the assignments whenever you want. We did cancel the synopsis boot camp due to low enrollment so if you did miss that, the next one is November.

OIRW 2020 Workshops

I’m getting lots of e-mails about freelancing and working from home and I’m putting together some products that I hope will help and answer all the questions. I purchased a new app that allows me to record short classes…hope to use it here very soon!

Thank you to everyone who subscribed to follow all the posts here at TWL. I appreciate you being part of this growing community of writers…we’re on our way to 1,000.

That’s it for this week and let’s hope the next one is a brighter place for the world.

Please stay safe.

Happy writing to all.



Friday Ramblings

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