Friday Ramblings From An Author-My Wrists Say TGIF


key-3087900_640Hope you are all well…and writing like crazy!

The week has flown by…April is going by like a breeze. I’ve spent the week doing something of everything and as the title of this post suggests, my wrists need a break from typing.

I reformatted two books I’ll be getting rights back to soon. I made covers for them. I started work on my revamped Plotting Your Novel class that I’ll be recording next month. I planned the relaunch of my self publishing site.

I’m excited about the last one because I’ve given it a new domain name, and next week, I’ll be designing a logo and hopefully doing some upgrades to the site. My plan is to offer coaching and classes on everything from planning a book to publishing and promoting it. I’ll reveal all once the makeover is complete.

Thank you to Alice for being this week’s guest blogger. And thank you to everyone who followed TWL this week…we’re getting closer to the 1,000 mark.

Spring cleaning is on the to do list for me this weekend. How about you? Read any good books lately? Any movies or shows you can recommend? I did see that the new season of Bosch is released today. One of my favorites.

Have a good weekend and ‘see’ you again next week.

Happy writing and live your dream.

Friday Ramblings

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