Friday Ramblings From An Author-Happy May



key-3087900_640Welcome to May. Some people thought April moved along slowly but for me, it flew by. I couldn’t believe that I was already posting a final message to my April students.

Plotting Your Novel boot camp kicks off on Monday. We still have some spaces open if you’re interested. We decided to cancel the promoting your book boot camp due to low numbers but it you missed it, I’ll be teaching it again in September.

Next month the first session of the summer writing retreat will begin…seems like just yesterday it was in the planning stages. Lucky thing we chose to do things virtually or we’d probably be canceling it right now. I’ll give you more details about it as we make our way through May. I want to make it as fun as possible, especially for anyone who was planning on attending an actual retreat this year.

I’m hoping to get some new classes recorded this month. I was looking at an app that will let me record audio lessons but it doesn’t allow you to put them on your own site so I’m still thinking about if it’s a worthwhile investment or not.

I also worked on formatting more back titles, and once I have more time, I’ll be adding new books to each of my series…long time since I did that. I can’t wait to work on another of my Kalispell Shifters stories. I have to admit, while I love my cowboy tales, there’s something about writing about shifters that’s fun.

(Speaking of animals, I saw the coyote again this morning, but no sign of her mate).

Thank you to Luanna for being this week’s guest blogger. Thank you to everyone who followed TWL this week. Yes, we’re slowly making it to 1,000.

‘See’ you again next week. Have a fun weekend and happy writing to all.

Friday Ramblings

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