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hume-lake-798064_640No guest blogger today so I thought I’d use this opportunity to tell you about the virtual writing retreat that starts June 2nd and runs through August 31st and taught by yours truly.

It’s divided into three sections, you can take one, two or all three. I’m hoping as lots of actual writing retreats have already been canceled that many writers will take the opportunity to attend this one.

I’ll be posting lessons a couple of times a week and you’ll get a workbook for each session. Every Friday we’ll have a time set aside for questions (not sure if we’ll do this via e-mail or through Google hangouts yet). There will be prizes, a laid back summer like attitude, drink and appetizer recipes for you to try to add to the fun. Best thing is you don’t have to be online at any one particular time. Your lessons will be waiting for you in your e-mail when you get back from work or even the beach.

Learn to write a novel by the poolside, backyard, or like me, your deck. I hope we’ll get a great turn out, so spread the word, join the fun, let’s make this retreat the hottest thing online in 2020.

And if you take all three sessions, you’ll be eligible to win a month’s free coaching with me in the fall.

Here’s the breakdown of the sessions and the dates, and at the bottom of the post, a link to sign up, scroll down until you hit, June, July and/or August.

Section One June (2-30)

Setting goals, getting motivated, setting a writing schedule.

Picking the right genre for you and generating ideas.

Outlining and plotting your story.

Building conflict in your story

Working on creating characters that are perfect for your plot.

Section Two-July (6-31)

Learning how to write realistic and dazzling dialogue.

All about Point of View, what it is, what it isn’t.

Deep POV

How to make your story an emotional read

Narration and Pacing

Section Three-August (3-31)

Fine tuning your manuscript, learn how to up the emotion and conflict and bring your story to its conclusion.

Self-editing and working on a second draft

Common causes for rejection

Writing a synopsis and pitch letter-putting together the perfect submission package

Writing groups, dealing with rejections and living the writing life.


‘See’ you there!

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