Friday Ramblings From An Author-Almost Half Way Through June!


Today, I realized that we’re almost at the halfway point of June. Summer solstice is next week which means days will begin getting shorter and the year’s half way done.

Anyone else thinking someone’s put this year on fast forward! I thought 2018 went by in the blink of an eye but 2020 is on supersonic speed.

At this almost half way point, I always look at what I’ve done and what I’d like to achieve in part two of the year. How about you, do you do something similar?

I released another back title this week and plan to go with one a week until they’re all re-released. After that, I have to begin thinking about writing new stories. I’ve been falling behind with that and it’s one of the reasons I made the tough decision to make this the last year I teach classes. I’ll still be coaching and have my own online self paced classes, but I won’t teach classes each month. I’m hoping this can free up more time for my new self pubbing venture and get back to my novels.

Thank you to everyone who signed up to follow TWL this week…we’re only 38 people away from 1,000. Spread the word because I’ve set the goal of arriving at that milestone by July 15th.

Also, thank you to Caroline for being this week’s guest blogger.

It’s a beautiful sunny day…I’m trying out my solar oven again and when I hit the publish button on this post, I’m going to eat lunch on the deck and continue working on various projects until the workweek is over. Oh, how I love near perfect days like these.

Hope you’re enjoying some sunshine too. Here’s wishing you a fun weekend.

Happy writing to all.

Friday Ramblings

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  1. oh yes it is indeed a great thought. for the next half of the year i will be involved in the process of publishing my debut poetry book. and your write ups are good, 38 more are not too far. keep shining.

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