Friday Ramblings From An Author-Goodbye Spring



Last day of spring and it’s a another near perfect day. This week has been very hot but I braved the humidity and took my office outside. After an overnight storm, it’s now cooler and my sort of day so I’m finishing work early and heading outside to work on my list of summer reading.

Yes, summer launches into action tomorrow and I’ve set myself a goal of sketching every day until fall. Nothing major but a few doodles here and there. Remember what they say about how long it takes to form a habit? It worked with my writing and now I’m hoping sketching daily will become a natural thing too.

How about you, do you set goals or try to do something different with the change of seasons?

Next week I hope to get some new classes recorded and  those workbooks I’ve been talking about, finally started. And I’ll also be re-releasing another back title.

Thank you to JL for being this week’s guest blogger. And thank you to everyone who followed TWL…we’re getting closer to that 1,000 mark!

The outdoors calls my name, so I’ll sign off for this work week.

Have a fun weekend and happy writing to all.

Friday Ramblings

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