Friday Ramblings From An Author-Guess What?


We made it to 1,000 followers…well actually, it’s now 1,002. Thank to everyone who has chosen to follow. A big thank you if you were one of the first people to follow. Now the next goal is to make it to 2,000. It might take some time but I know it’s very doable.

Another heat advisory today and just the other day it was in the upper 60’s and had me actually longing for fall. Fall is my favorite season it’s just what follows it I don’t like.

Next week sees the conclusion of the second session of the writing retreat. The third and final one starts on August 3rd so if you’re interested in learning how to put the finishing touches to your manuscript and how to write a synopsis and deal with the dreaded rejection letter, here’s the sign up link, scroll down until you reach August-

OIRW 2020 Workshops

One more story to go until all my back titles are republished. I have a new one in the Big Sky County series that’s been ready for release for quite a while, and then it’s time to add new stories to all the series.

I’m working on 30 days to Write a Non-fiction book package (course and resources) for my Budget Smart Girl site…I’m taking part in a members only promotion on a site a belong to. I’m guessing some of you might be interested too so once it’s launched… it’s going to be just $5 during the promotion, I’ll give you all the details.

That’s about it for the week. Thank you to Amanda for being this week’s guest blogger.

Have a fun weekend and ‘see’ you again next week.


Friday Ramblings

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