Five Writing Resources

No guest blogger this week so thought I’d share this quick post with you.

Five writing resources to check out.



An Old Favorite

I never know why I didn’t get a subscription to this gem of a magazine but each time I went to a certain supermarket, I’d pick up a copy of The Writer. I’d bring it home, read all the how to articles and then look in the market section and dream about being published in one of them.

I haven’t read a copy in a long time but check out their web site because I know you’ll find a treasure of useful information-


A Favorite Blog

When I first ventured into self publishing I opted to go with BookBaby. I still get their blog posts and I think they are some of the best and informative for both fiction and non-fiction writers-


My First Anthology

The first time I had a story included in an anthology was with Bridge House. They’re very author friendly and open to submission on a regular basis. Also, check out Gill James site because she has no end of great writing resources-


One of the platforms I publish on is Smashwords and I always enjoy their blog

Another Favorite From Days Gone By

When I began freelance writing and was researching markets, this site popped up. I signed up to receive the weekly newsletter which is always filled with writing markets and articles-



Writing How Tos Writing Tips

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