Monday Motivation-Don’t Be Afraid

I don’t usually use the same motivational quotes on both TWL and my Budget Smart Girl site, but this week, thought I would.

While this site focuses on writing and being an author, BSG, focuses on starting a business and being an entrepreneur, but fear is an emotion that many people experience. In fact, it often stops us from doing what we are destined to do or to be.

I always say if you’re not just a little scared to do something, it’s not worthwhile. It’s not going to have meaning, it’s not going to make you grow as a person, and it’s definitely not going to help you achieve your dream.

Many of us don’t write because we’re scared others might laugh at us or that our stories won’t be as good as our favorite authors. Students often tell me they’re scared to submit their work because they might get a rejection.

Yes, that’s going to happen but you could also get a yes. Without taking that leap and taking a chance you’ll never know if you could have been published or not.

So this week, write and submit something.

Monday Motivation

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