About This Writer’s Life

I’m Susan Palmquist and I created this site for writers, both aspiring and established, fiction and non-fiction.  My goal is for this to become a community where we can encourage and learn from one another so we can become better writers.

My own writing journey started decades ago. I struggled to get published but never gave up until one day I got the publishing contract I’d been dreaming about. Since then I’ve published 100 plus books under my own name and a pen name. For the last ten years, I’ve been teaching workshops for various chapters of the Romance Writers of America and tutoring for an online school.

Late last year I decided to launch my own coaching and mentoring service…there’s a separate page on this site telling you more about that and you can also find more details on my site at www.susanpalmquist.com.

One thing I love to do is help others realize their dream of seeing their work in print and one of the main reasons for both starting this site and my coaching business.

Each week you’ll find articles on motivation, writing prompts to get the muse in top gear and other tips on writing and publishing

If you’d like to guest blog on the site, have a writing question you’d like answered, have a suggestion for a topic for the site, you can contact me at writerslifeblog@gmail.com.

Happy writing.