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Accept the Challenge

Remember the old writing prompts on This Writer’s Life?

I know many of you used them and even some people submitted the stories they created to publishers and got published!

I didn’t post any last year but for 2024 I’m bringing them back with a slight tweak.

They have a new name Accept the Challenge.

I’ll post an idea or a prompt, something that will get the muse fired up.

It could be an opening line, a brief plot outline, a character profile, a short video or even just a photo.

For this first one, it’s a character profile.

Are you ready to Accept the Challenge?

The character’s name is Daniel Frey.

He’s 45 years old and after some soul searching decided to quit his job and start his own consulting business.

He’s about to go chat with his first potential client who’s invited him to his office.

Daniel has always been shy and hasn’t had much confidence throughout his entire life.

He feels he wants to be his own boss and knows he has to be a success. It’s now or never.

He reads motivational books and listens to an audible book right before he gets out of his car and heads into the office to meet the client…

Good luck with your challenge.

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