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In The Hot Seat With Casey Moss

Today’s Hot Seat guest is Casey Moss who is one of the authors featured in the upcoming Keyboards and Kinks anthology from Evernight Publishing….

Currently Reading….
I almost hate to admit this but Fifty Shades of Grey. I also have a bunch of other books on my TBR list on my Kindle and in my pile.

Currently Watching….
Right at this moment, while I’ve been doing work and answering these questions, I’m watching Rush Time Machine 2011: Live in Cleveland.

 Guilty Pleasure…
Haagen Dazs Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream… mmmm… good…

Best Advice You Ever Got…
Take that first step. My DH is a runner and that’s one of the mottos in our house. He says the first step out the door to go running, especially when you’re not really in the mood, is the hardest, but if you make it out the door, you’ve won most of the battle. I took the phrase and applied it to my dream of writing…took that first step and submitted a couple of stories. They were accepted and the rest is history. But if I hadn’t “taken that step out the door,” there’s a possibility I’d still be dreaming and not doing.

A Country or Town You’d Like to Visit…

Highly Recommend You Read This Title…
Anything written by Erin Kellison

I’m Shameless Self Promoting…
Evernight Publishing’s Keyboards & Kink anthology and my story in it called AFK

Lizbet “Beth” Hayes has been dumped by her boyfriend and betrayed by her best friend. To escape from reality, she stays home and delves into work by beta-testing a massively multiplayer online role-playing game—C.O.V.E.N., Clans of Vegas­-Endless Night—the company she works for is creating. She’s consumed by the fantasy game, even going so far as to develop a crush on a vampire-warlock character named Godric. When a horrible thunderstorm hits, she’s sucked into the game for real and hooks up with the guy.But can fantasy take the place of reality?
A slight breeze carried a hint of copper. Blood? Perhaps. She just hoped it wasn’t his. She’d been tracking the man from the Winchapel clan for too long to let her quarry fall prey to someone else’s hands. Besides, if she had a chance to be alone with Godric Winchapel again­—even if only for a few minutes—she’d take the opportunity to derive some personal pleasure from his presence. It’d be wonderful to have his strong arms wrap around her, his hot mouth on her skin, her lips, her breasts. She wanted his fingers threading through her long ebony hair, gripping the lengths in his fist as he took her.

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