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Black Friday Ramblings From An Author

I almost forgot that it’s Friday. Strange how a week with a holiday sandwiched in there can put your brain out of sync.

I’m always looking for links to sites I can pass along to my students and I found this one a few days ago. Don’t know if anyone’s used it but it helps proofread text-

My only advice is use it, but don’t let it me your only source of proofreading. There’s nothing better than letting your work sit for awhile before giving it another read through. And of course, the best proofreader of all, the ever valuable critique partner.

I’ve just submitted another book proposal for yet another writing how to. Hope to have some good news about that soon. I have to say they’re fun to work on.

Hope you all enjoyed my interview with FeedARead. I’m planning to use their service for my books where I’m the owner of the print rights. I think being a part-time self-publisher is great experience and yes, some days it does make you appreciate publishers that much more.

So what’s on your Christmas want list? I always have one or two writing related ones. I’m thinking about putting together a holiday gift guide for writers so if anyone’s got any ideas, leave a comment.

Today is sort of a holiday but we writers keep on working and that’s what I’m going to do right now. My task today is composing sidebars to accompany recipes for the cookbook I’m co-authoring.

Have a good weekend and happy writing.

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