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How to Live a Writer’s Life

Say hello to today’s guest blogger Jeanne Oates Estridge who has some tips about living the writing life…. 1) Open yourself to every experience that comes along. Play soccer. Work in a commercial kitchen. Go fly fishing. Hunt for diamonds. Try exotic foods. Your characters are going to need lots and lots of interesting experiences…

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NaNoWriMo (Nano) Encouragement

Madeline McEwen  is back with us again to offer words of encouragement during NaNoWriMo and share her wonderful cartoons… If you are reading this at 23:59 you are almost half way through the Nano experience. Whether you’re a first timer or a seasoned aficionado, either way, at this point you may be beginning to feel…

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Are You Overwriting?

Say hello to today’s guest blogger, Ann Everett who offers us advice on something that can often be an Achilles’ heel even for published writers… Overwriting: This is a mistake all new writers make. They over explain either through description or action. Heck, in first drafts, I still do it. Here are some examples: Gus pulled his gun belt tight…

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Why I Write Romance

Let’s say hello to today’s guest blogger, Dora Bramden who tells us why she’s a romance writer… As a child I loved reading fairy stories and magical worlds like the Narnia books. Kings and queens and ordinary girls becoming princesses spirited me away from a sometimes difficult life of illness. Escaping into a book was…

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Creating Characters Who Matter

Welcome to today’s guest blogger, Merrilee Robson whose post focuses on the characters we create… A magazine editor recently commented that a secondary character in one of my short stories didn’t seem very upset about the death of another character. My first reaction was, “Well, of course she’s upset. Her best friend just died!” But…

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