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Is Writing a Pain in the Butt?

Let’s welcome back Viviana MacKade who’s blog post touches upon a delicate matter… We writers are always talking about the emotional issues laced with who, and what, we are. Borderline bipolar (I just discovered a study whose results were shocking: 8 out of 10 writers are, or lean into, bipolar disorders. Duh!), inclined to overthink pretty much everything,…

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Food For Thought

Say hello to Kryssie Fortune, today’s guest blogger, who proves an added bonus to writing a book is researching it…yes, you never know what you’ll uncover… We all love a good meal, Britain’s Prince Regent – later George IV –more than most. The press pilloried the Prince Regent for his obesity and huge appetite. When researching…

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The Meaning of Writing

Say hello to today’s guest blogger, Heather Gooden who shares something I think we all discover as writers… I’m grateful to be here guest blogging today. I was told to write about something writing related, so I decided I wanted to talk about what writing means to me. I’ve always loved to write, but for…

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Writing from the Real

  Welcome our first guest blogger of fall, David Hagerty, who tells us about how real life events inspire his stories… True events have inspired most of my work, including all three novels in my Duncan Cochrane mystery series about an Illinois governor whose daughter is murdered. For me, writing from real life offers both…

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