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Hi Susan-Self Publish or Not?

  The Hi Susan letters are stacking up so I thought I’d tackle one this week. This one arrived from Peter who asked… I think I might have jumped on the self-publishing bandwagon a little too late. After doing some research, it looks like just about everyone is a self publisher these days. Should I…

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Hi Susan-Picking Genres

Time once again to dive into the Hi Susan e-mail pile. I picked this question from Marc who wrote… I’m just starting out as an author and researching the type of book I want to write. Should I go with similar books that I see on the bestseller lists? An easy answer, no. Sounds counterproductive to…

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Hi Susan-Dead End Dialogue

The Hi Susan letters are filling my e-mail so let’s dive into another one. This was sent by Ashley who wrote- I had a bunch of beta readers look at my manuscript and each person had the same comment, my dialogue stinks. Is there anyway I can improve that skill? Absolutely, anything that’s your Achilles’…

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