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Hi Susan-Self Publish or Not?

  The Hi Susan letters are stacking up so I thought I’d tackle one this week. This one arrived from Peter who asked… I think I might have jumped on the self-publishing bandwagon a little too late. After doing some research, it looks like just about everyone is a self publisher these days. Should I…

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Hi Susan-Picking Genres

Time once again to dive into the Hi Susan e-mail pile. I picked this question from Marc who wrote… I’m just starting out as an author and researching the type of book I want to write. Should I go with similar books that I see on the bestseller lists? An easy answer, no. Sounds counterproductive to…

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Hi Susan-Dead End Dialogue

The Hi Susan letters are filling my e-mail so let’s dive into another one. This was sent by Ashley who wrote- I had a bunch of beta readers look at my manuscript and each person had the same comment, my dialogue stinks. Is there anyway I can improve that skill? Absolutely, anything that’s your Achilles’…

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Hi Susan-Creative Pursuits

  Time for another Hi Susan and this time it’s Chris who asked… You’ve mentioned your art and jewelry making, do you think having a creative hobby helps writers? My simple answer is yes. My not so simple answer is I’ve used lots of techniques to help me work out stories, brainstorm ideas, and sort out my…

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Hi Susan-Writing What You Know

  I have about twenty Hi Susan e-mails waiting for me so thought I’d get to at least one this week. Chloe writes- Is it true that a fiction authors should only write about an experience they’ve gone through themselves? When I started writing, I’d heard that too. My first book was based on my own experience…

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