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Three New Imprints from Totally Entwined

A couple of my first titles were published by Totally Bound so I was excited to hear that they’re expanding and adding new lines. I thought it would be fun to chat with them and find out exactly what they’re looking for. I’m hoping some of you have a manuscript that will find a home with one of these new imprints.

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Totally Bound has been very successful in the erotic romance genre so what prompted you to branch out into other genres and why these particular three?

We already produced GLBTQI fiction within Totally Bound, but we wanted to provide our authors with a dedicated publishing house for both heterosexual and GLBTQI relationships, which is why we decided to launch Pride Publishing. The split signifies a reaction to the change we have seen in the romance industry itself, namely the rising popularity of GLBTQI fiction—especially that of MM romance. This diversification allows the Totally Entwined Group to focus more closely on branding in terms of what readers want, in their heterosexual and ménage titles from Totally Bound Publishing.

Totally Entwined Group first started considering the Young Adult and Crime and thriller genres due to their popularity and our belief that they would make great additions to our Publishing Group. The possibility was first brought to our attention when receiving submissions from existing authors, and noticing the genres’ increasing popularity in the publishing industry.  By expanding our Publishing Group to accept other genres of fiction, we hope to offer our existing authors an outlet for their books which do not have sexual content and to develop their writing further. We are also excited about the prospect of welcoming more talented authors to our ranks and helping them to develop.

Let’s start with Pride Publishing. It is your new gay fiction line that will launch very soon. What sort of books have you already acquired for the line and why were they chosen?

Firstly, it won’t be just gay fiction but GLTBQI fiction. There will be a variety of categories from romance through to paranormal. It doesn’t necessarily have to have a romantic element as with our other publishing house, Totally Bound Publishing. The stories we will be publishing just have to identify issues which would affect characters who identify as GLTBQI. For example, it could be a coming-of-age novel that concerns a character who identifies as gay and has to overcome outside issues as a result of their sexuality or gender.

We will be accepting submissions for Pride Publishing that fit into our guidelines here

And our website here:

If someone wants to write for this line what tips would you offer? Is there an example of an already published novel that you can give as an example? And what won’t you be looking for?

Totally Entwined Group have been publishing MM (gay) erotic romance for a number of years and are excited to work with authors to publish more GLBTQI fiction in a variety of genres. Due to the fact that Pride Publishing has evolved from Totally Bound Publishing, our front-list at the moment comprises mainly of romance titles featuring GLBT couples, or polyamorous relationships. If you are interested in submitting an erotic story, you can see examples of our back-list on our website of already published novels. However, we are also seeking non-erotic GLBTQI fiction. The main focus of Pride Publishing’s non-erotic stories will be the protagonist discovering and exploring their sexuality and gender identity; identifying as part of the gay community may be part of the growth process of the character/s in the story. We will only be looking for stories which empower the reader, and we will not be accepting submissions which are derogatory or homophobic.

Any aspiring or established authors who are looking for a new outlet for their GLBTQI work can visit our submission guidelines to see what we are looking for in more detail:

Now onto Finch Books, your young adult line launching in autumn. Any books already been acquired yet? If so, why were they chosen? Anything in particular you want to see, any topic that you think pushes the boundaries in this genre?

Finch Books will be publishing one book per week, and have a number of Young Adult titles already acquired and edited. These books have been chosen as they are refreshing storylines with believable characters. Each book comes under a different genre within YA, so far we have acquired in the following areas: fantasy, adventure, sci-fi, school stories and coming of age. We are excited to debut the new imprint with a variety of stories and settings. In terms of submissions, Finch Books are looking for YA fiction that makes our readers think. We don’t mind the setting, but we do want relatable characters that are relevant and memorable to the reader and who prove instrumental in the development of the story.In terms of pushing boundaries, we are very interested in New Adult submissions as they are revolutionising the Young Adult industry. All submissions within this genre will be considered.

Finch Books is set to open later on in the year following the launch of Pride and re-launch of Totally Bound. You can see more of what we are looking for here

And our website here:

Finally, there’s Evidence Press which will focus on crime and thrillers and debuting in winter. Will this imprint cover the whole range of mysteries, such as cozies and police procedures?  Have any books been acquired for this line?

Evidence Press will cover the whole range of mysteries and we are especially interested in series, whether they follow a single detective or an entire force. We are considering all submissions within the crime and thriller genre. Evidence Press is also not specific on location, as long as the titles are intriguing and compelling. We currently have a number of titles under consideration for publication, but none have been acquired as of yet.

Evidence Press is set to open later on in the year following the launch of Finch Books. You can see more of what we are looking for here

Will each line have its own editorial staff?

We are currently expanding to be able to give each imprint the best support. The aim is for each imprint to have its own dedicated editorial team who will take the book from the submission stage through to the eventual publication.

Will all the lines be e-book only or print too?

All of our books will be available in eBook, but it will be length dependant whether the books are also available in print. A                number of our books will also be available in audio formats.

And will the lines have the same contract as the erotic romances?

The contracts will remain the same across the board in the Totally Entwined Group. The contract currently stands at four years. The payments of royalties are at 40% of the SRP for eBooks, 30% for audio and 10% for print. Contracts cover electronic print rights and all worldwide territories.

Do you want to see partial manuscripts or should authors submit the complete story?

We are very excited to find new stories and work with new authors, we would prefer for you to send in a completed manuscript along with your synopsis. However, if you are still only at the ideas stage and would like to know whether your story would be a good fit for our imprints, please send it on to us and we will be happy to discuss your submission.  In the case of submitting to a specific submission call or anthology, we would prefer a synopsis first, so that we can ascertain whether the stories are suitable for inclusion.

Where should authors send their manuscripts?

Every submission comes into Totally Entwined Group and then is found its perfect home within our imprints. The email you will need is:

There are a few requirements which will be necessary when submitting:We only accept electronic communication. So, it’s essential that you send your script to us via e-mail attachment, as either a .doc, .docx or .rtf file. We will only accept the following:

  • Detailed synopsis of your book
  • The full and complete manuscript
  • Send in standard 12 pt font. Book Antiqua preferred.
  • Manuscripts from 30,000 to 100,000 words
  • Books will be published only if author owns all rights
  • Include your name, pen-name and contact e-mail in the Query Letter and Synopsis
  • Send the submissions package to with the header

If you are interested in submitting to our flagship publishing house, Totally Bound, the Home of Erotic Romance, please email the above with the header Totally Bound Submissions.

If you are interested in submitting to our GLBTQI fiction publishing house, Pride, please email with the header Pride Publishing Submissions.

If you are interested in submitting to our new crime and thriller house, Evidence Press, please email with the header Evidence Press Submissions.

If you are interested in submitting to our new YA house, Finch Books, please email with the header Finch Books Submissions.

Thanks for having us here today, we are excited for what the future holds here at the Totally Entwined Group!

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Meet The Editor-Shimmer

Here’s a new feature I’m launching on the site. I’ve always enjoyed reading about publications and especially like learning what they are and aren’t looking for. So hope you enjoy this debut with the editors of Shimmer.


Tell us about yourselves and how Shimmer began?

Shimmer is Beth Wodzinski’s fault. She was critiquing a lot and kept seeing stories she liked more than were showing up in the pro magazines. The stories still needed a lot of work–but she had always been interested in editing… One tiny thing leads to another! “Not knowing any better was definitely part of it,” says Beth.

Mary Robinette Kowal was instrumental in the early days and became Shimmer’s first art director. She was also the one who instigated a print edition. E. Catherine Tobler responded to a call for slush readers in 2006. Reading slush led to editing stories, and that led to buying the stories themselves. One thing still leads to another…

What sort of stories do you publish?

Shimmer publishes stories of a speculative nature — science fiction and fantasy, generally with an emphasis on contemporary fantasy. We do skim into historical fantasy doings from time to time. Shimmer prefers stories that focus on their characters and show a full and complete journey.

You publish horror which I know is a tough genre to categorize. Any tips for writers thinking about sending you a horror story? What’s acceptable and what’s not?

Shimmer has dabbled in horror, but what one considers horror another might not. Stories we have published that might qualify are “Food My Father Feeds Me, Love My Husband Shows Me” (A.A. Balaskovits, #14) and “Girl, With Coin” (Damien Angelica Walters, #17), “Love in the Time of Vivisection” (Sunny Moraine , #17).

Shimmer always, no matter what genre, wants a story that is character-oriented. When it comes to horror, we are not a place to send splatterpunk or body horror. Shimmer tends toward psychological horror more than physical–even in “Vivisection,” the horror comes from the thought process, not what is happening to the body.

I know this is a tough question for editors, but if you had to pick one story that you’ve published, one that is the best example of the stories you look for, what would it be?

There is definitely a Shimmery ideal in the world, and if I had to narrow it to one story (focusing on the past year, to give readers a better idea of what we are currently into), I would say it’s K.M. Ferebee’s “The Earth and Everything Under” (#19). It is a story set in the real world, but with tethers into another. It has the lyrical language we tend to lean toward, and characters that change and grow over the course of the story.

Once a writer submits their story how long before they get a yes or no?

We usually respond to writers within three weeks. This is one reason we don’t take simultaneous submissions. Stories that go into the maybe stack can have a longer secondary wait–we always inform authors if the story is being held.

Do you ever give feedback on rejected stories or ask a writer to rewrite and resubmit?

We do try to give feedback with our rejections, though it isn’t as common as it used to be. Rewrite requests are also somewhat rare; if we see a story that is 99.9% Shimmery, and we have an idea how to add that extra something, we do ask for a rewrite, but even these do not guarantee a sale.

Are there any types of stories that you’d like to publish but never seem to find?

We would love to see more stories where women have agency, are shown as actual people, and aren’t used as rapey plot coupons. Stories where women ACT and DO and ARE. We would love to see more diverse stories; stories by and about people of color; stories featuring older protagonists; stories that are not focused on the US or the UK but take a broader look at the world and universe.

What about stories you don’t want to see or common mistakes writers make?

Stories we “don’t want to see” are hard to define; sometimes, we don’t know we’ll fall in love with a story until we see it. “Girl, With Coin” is a good example of that, as it doesn’t actually contain a solid speculative element. We hope writers won’t make the mistake of self-rejecting.

Common mistakes can generally be attributed to writers not reading the guidelines. We see a lot of writers shooting us every story in their inventory in rapid succession, without pausing to think if the story is a good fit for Shimmer. Persistence is awesome–it’s not repeated submissions that are a mistake, but unthinking submissions. Consider the market, read the market, you will improve your chances.