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Monday Motivation-Mentor

  Ready to quit or don’t think you can be an author? Try this…think about your favorite author. They were once like you. Getting rejection after rejection, having self doubt, and not sure they were ever going to make it. They didn’t quit, they didn’t give up their dream. Think about your favorite author each…

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Monday Motivation-Just Try

  The road to publication starts with one tiny step. Oftentimes that’s in the form of mustering up enough courage to just do it. If you’ve been thinking about finally writing a book or even a short story, just go for it, just try it. You might find out it’s something you don’t enjoy after all, but then again…

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Monday Motivation-Vision It

  When rejection letters start to pile up it’s easy just to throw in the towel. However, one thing that kept me going was my vision. I’d sit and see a bookstore and I’d go inside and see my name on lots of books on one of the shelves. When I got really down, I’d…

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