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Been Rejected and It Hurts so Bad?

  The dreaded rejection letter. The writer’s equivalent of a dear john letter. They’re a necessary evil that goes hand in hand with being an author who’s continually writing and submitting their work. I’ve had my share of them and once I even received two in one day. Ouch! Another time I received someone else’s…

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A Great Blog for Authors

  I like to think that This Writer’s Life is all about helping my fellow authors and freelance writers with their journey to getting published and/or getting established. I’ve previously listed some sites that I think are helpful to achieving that goal, but this year I want to find more resources I can share with you.…

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Ventures in Self Publishing

If you’ve been a regular follower of my Friday Ramblings you know that this year I wrote a cookbook and have just self-published it. I won’t say it was easy work but it’s satisfying knowing that you have total control over your book, and yes you take both the accolades and blame if something’s not…

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Getting Ready for NaWriNoMo

Anyone taking part in this year’s NaWriNoMo? I’m gearing up ready for Saturday. My goal is to reach 50,000 words by December 1st but not all with one project. I’m working on a story right now that I plan to finish during the first week and then I’ll switch to a couple of other projects…

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Coffeetime Romance Ad Specials

If you’re looking for some low cost ways to advertise your books, my friends at Coffeetime Romance,, asked if I’d share this- Authors! We have something brand new for you and free events for you to brag about your books! Advertising Sale for October Cafe’ o’Launch Have a release coming up? Want some help…

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Designing Your Book Cover

Besides finding a good editor and proofreader, the biggest headache for self-publishers is designing an eye-catching cover for your book. Here are two site that might be of some help- Joel Friedlander is a book designer that has this informative blog about all things related to book covers and design- Jimmy Thomas is the…

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