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Five Writing Markets

One of the biggest challenges a beginning writer faces is finding markets to send their work. I thought I’d list five here. Three I’ve written for, one is a tip writing market, while the other is for more experienced writers. So here we go and good luck if you do decide to submit work to any or…

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Guest Bloggers Welcome

  First of all, a big thank you to all the wonderful guest bloggers who have helped create content for This Writer’s Life. I’m about to post a new sign up form and thought I’d share it with my followers first to give you an opportunity before I send it out to writing groups. This…

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Champagne Book Group Contest

Champagne Book Group is seeking talented authors and their stories for Carnal Passions, our erotic imprint. Carnal Passions accepts erotic romance in all its variations (BDSM, Alternate Lifestyle, Gay/Lesbian and any and all combinations thereof).  To find this new talent and terrific stories, Champagne Book Group is having a submissions contest for both published and…

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