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How To Stand Out From The Crowd

  I probably don’t need to tell you that being a writer is a competitive business. Whether you write fiction or non-fiction, it’s a crowded pursuit. I remember talking to a fellow freelance writer and he said something that stuck with me even to this day. Writers are just like dogs all going after the…

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The Journey To Becoming A Writer

Here’s today’s guest blogger, Alice Renaud, to share her story of how she became a writer… My journey to become a published writer was a long one. Thirty-three years long, to be precise. It started when I wrote my first story aged fourteen. It was a sprawling, way-too-ambitious fantasy saga, set in a world that…

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Goal Setting-Be Specific

We’re just about at the half way point of 2019. A great time to look back at the first six months and ahead to the final half of the year. What goals did you set for 2019? Have you achieved any or all of them? Here are five tips for making sure each one is given…

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A Little Known Tool for Every Writer

Say hello to this week’s guest blogger Nina Beaumont…   I’d like to talk about one of my favorite stylistic devices in my writer toolbox—body language. Using posture, gestures, movements, and facial expressions, you can show your characters’ innermost feelings, set the atmosphere of the scene, and engage with your reader’s senses. In real life,…

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Hi Susan-Dead End Dialogue

The Hi Susan letters are filling my e-mail so let’s dive into another one. This was sent by Ashley who wrote- I had a bunch of beta readers look at my manuscript and each person had the same comment, my dialogue stinks. Is there anyway I can improve that skill? Absolutely, anything that’s your Achilles’…

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The Most Dangerous Writing App

Madeline McEwen is back as this week’s guest blogger and she has news (and a great cartoon drawing), about a new writing app… I subscribe to The Fussy Librarian’s blog which is where I heard about a terrifying new development for writers called the most dangerous writing app This fiendish app provides a writing window [a…

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