It’s Black Friday and There Are Two Sales Going On!

It’s Black Friday and there’s a sale going on over at my site, www.susanpalmquist.com. Use coupon code BlackFriday21 to save 25% off any writing course or writing how to’s. And check out my sale at Budget Smart Girl, www.budgetsmartgirl.com for save 25% off anything in the store…I have lots of writing related items so use…

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Side Gigs-Freelance Writing-An Interview with Erin Mahoney

Please welcome Erin Mahoney to This Writer’s Life. She’s one of my private students and the author of Side Hustle Gigs, A Step by Step Guide to a Profitable Side Business. This Writer’s Life(TWL)-Let’s start with you telling everyone about yourself and how you got interested in side gigs? Erin Mahoney (EM)-By education and training,…


Your Why, Discipline, and Motivation

Despite being motivated are you still struggling with your writing? Recently, I’ve had a few private students who are very motivated but for some reason, they weren’t getting results. In fact, it’s one of the reasons, they asked me to coach them. During our weekly check in call, they’ve both reported they’ve written nothing, zero,…


Four Writing Opportunities

I just finished going through today’s e-mails and saw four writing opportunities I thought I’d pass onto you- First one is a short story contest at The Writer…also check out their other contests too- https://www.writermag.com/contests/ Second one is over at Chicken Soup for the Soul. They’re looking for stories about angels…this isn’t a fiction market….