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NaNoWriMo-Days 26 and 27


It’s the last weekend of the challenge and then just three more days. The finish line’s insight and my tip for the day is the same advice I give to everyone whether you’re taking the challenge or just writing a novel.

Don’t give up.

Some days are hard but easy writing days where the words flow and you get into the zone are always around the corner. Remember those days when you want to quit.


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NaNoWriMo-Days 23 and 24



Another busy day yesterday so I didn’t get time to post a tip. Today’s Thanksgiving in the US and that brings me to the tip of the day. It’s okay to take a day off from your writing schedule any day of the year, and yes, even during the challenge. Sometimes we authors did a break to recharge and refuel the muse.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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NaNoWriMo-Day 16


If you’ve come this far in the challenge then my tip of the day is to reward yourself. It could be binge watching your favorite show once you’re done writing for the day. Or even enjoying some ice cream or in my case, today I’m indulging in chocolate, pear and ginger cake I made earlier today.


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NaNoWriMo-Day 15




It’s the half way point. My tip today is even if things aren’t going that well and you’re starting to think about giving up, don’t.  I like to think it’s all about getting to the 50,000 word mark more than creating a book. Even if you have to switch to another story but still hit that target, you’ve achieved a lot more than many writers do all year long.

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NaNoWriMo-Day 14



Oops, I almost forget about tip of the day and why? I was writing and in the zone which actually leads me nicely into today’s tip. Writing is your time and other things can wait until you’re done for the day…unless of course it’s  offering writing tips to your fellow authors!

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NaNoWriMo-Day 10


The first double digit day of the challenge. I managed to write over 2,000 words yesterday but not all in one go which is my tip of the day. Get up, move around, make yourself a some tea (or your drink of choice), and spread your writing sprint out over several hours.

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NaNoWriMo-Day 7



Day 7, almost one week into the challenge and how are you doing? For me some days are more productive than others. One thing that used to slow me down is stopping to think about minor character’s name or the name of a store or town. These days I just write the word something in bold print and move on with the story.

When you do your second draft and had more chance to think about names, you can quickly find where you need to make the changes. Another alternative is to note the page number but I find the latter method works best for me.