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Hi Susan-Dead End Dialogue

The Hi Susan letters are filling my e-mail so let’s dive into another one. This was sent by Ashley who wrote- I had a bunch of beta readers look at my manuscript and each person had the same comment, my dialogue stinks. Is there anyway I can improve that skill? Absolutely, anything that’s your Achilles’…

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The Most Dangerous Writing App

Madeline McEwen is back as this week’s guest blogger and she has news (and a great cartoon drawing), about a new writing app… I subscribe to The Fussy Librarian’s blog which is where I heard about a terrifying new development for writers called the most dangerous writing app This fiendish app provides a writing window [a…

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The Writing Monster

Here’s today’s Thursday guest blogger, Mageela Troche telling us how to overcome fear in writing… There is much to a writer’s life. Writing, revising, submitting, publishing, social media, publicity and us writers have to do it all over again. One part of a writer’s life that can pull you into a deep hole has nothing…

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Writing and the Five Senses

Say hello to guest blogger, Julie Lence who shows us the importance of making the most of the five senses… See. Smell. Hear. Taste. Touch. We all know the five senses, experience them in our everyday lives. But do you have them layered throughout your story? If so, do you have too many? Not enough? And…

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Don’t Tell Me, Show Me

  Don’t tell me the moon is shining. Show me the glint of light on broken glass. Anton Chekhov   It’s a rookie mistake. I’ve made it…sometimes, I still fall back into bad habits. Many of my students do it.  Sadly, I’m seeing more published books riddled with this writing sin. The above quote sums it up perfectly. Writers should never…

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