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Story Length-Does it Matter?

Say hello to the first guest blogger of 2019, Barbara Plum whose post takes us back to our school days… Remember those dreaded high-school English themes? Did your teacher, when asked about length, compare the assignment to a skirt? “Long enough to cover the subject. Short enough to be interesting.” Say what? How does this…

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The Importance of Making Lists

  Here’s guest blogger Vicki Batman with a holiday themed post but yet a reminder about how we should keep lists…   At this time of year, there’s the whole rush-rush to make Christmas perfect. The least little thing turns our life upside down. But do the holidays have to be flawless? I’d like to…

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Economizing Prose

Say hello to today’s guest blogger, Kathy Otten who offers tips on cutting out extra baggage in our writing… In the same way a driver economizes their gas mileage by condensing trips and monitoring driving habits, as writers we need to do the same with the words we choose to put on paper. During that…

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